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Bedtime stories you’ll enjoy reading, over and over again.

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The Merry Munks Chipmunks Series-  Picture Story Books for Toddlers and Young Children.

Tony, Stacey, Douglas, and Michelle are The Merry Munks Chipmunks.  They live and play in the Cool Green Forest, and their house is a very tiny log cabin- complete with bunk beds!  Jonathan Bunny, Steven Skunk, and Maria Mouse all live nearby in a neighborhood where being kind, cleaning up after yourself, and brushing your teeth before bedtime are all important.


There are currently 3 titles in the Merry Munks Chipmunks series:
Douglas Forgets He’s Hiding!” The Merry Munks Vol 1
Stacey Meets the Tree Ducks!” The Merry Munks Vol 2
Tony and the Unfamiliar Food!” The Merry Munks Vol 3
Watch for our 4th book, “Michelle’s Reading Rock!” The Merry Munks Vol 4, with a summer 2018 release date.

Each book concludes with the chipmunks tucked up in bed, ready for sleep after a busy day.  With large, easy-to-read text and loveable characters, these books were written with bedtime reading and reading together in mind.

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