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The Merry Munks Chipmunks Series-  Picture Story Books for Toddlers and Young Children.

Tony, Stacey, Douglas, and Michelle are The Merry Munks Chipmunks.  They live and play in the Cool Green Forest, and their house is a very tiny log cabin- complete with bunk beds!  Jonathan Bunny, Steven Skunk, and Maria Mouse all live nearby in a neighborhood where being kind, cleaning up after yourself, and brushing your teeth before bedtime are all important.


There are currently 3 titles in the Merry Munks Chipmunks series:
Douglas Forgets He’s Hiding!” The Merry Munks Vol 1
Stacey Meets the Tree Ducks!” The Merry Munks Vol 2
Tony and the Unfamiliar Food!” The Merry Munks Vol 3
Watch for our 4th book, “Michelle’s Reading Rock!” The Merry Munks Vol 4, with a 2020 release date.

Each book concludes with the chipmunks tucked up in bed, ready for sleep after a busy day.  With large, easy-to-read text and loveable characters, these books were written with bedtime reading and reading together in mind.

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The Merry Munks:  Douglas Forgets He’s Hiding!

By DogsMom on February 7, 2015

Format: Paperback
I am loving sharing this book with the youngsters in my family.
The Merry Munks are a delight.
The illustrations are rich and enjoyable to discover.
The four Merry Monks are brothers and sisters. They play well together and are very good about doing their chores.
Each monk starts their day in his or her own way. Douglas has slept in longer than the others.
Soon his sisters come back to the cabin and ask if he wants to play hide and seek.
They are having a wonderful time playing together.
As sometimes happens, even when you have a good hiding place, you sometimes think of a better place to hide.
This is what happened to Douglas.
He hid so well that his brother and sisters could not find him!
Read Douglas forgets He’s Hiding to find out how he spends his day.
I received a copy of this delightful picture book in exchange for my review.

Format: Paperback
Such a cool book for kids. My daughter loved it and so did I. Sometimes it’s very hard to find books that the kids enjoy, but also the parents and this book was it.
I loved the fact that the letter in the book were big because my daughter is learning her ABC’S and she would point at the letters and makes sound. Some books have very small letter in children’s book, and I thought that was neat.
Let’s not forget the illustration too. Very creative. The story was lovely. My daughter enjoyed it very much

By Thomas Larkin on November 27, 2014

Format: Paperback
Very good. The children will love it. A must in their Xmas stocking

Format: Paperback
The story and illustrations are delightful and will surely appeal to a young audience. The Merry Munks books would be wonderful gifts for a child for any occasion.

The Merry Munks:  Stacey Meets The Tree Ducks!

Format: Paperback
This is the second of these books that I have bought and they are the best investment I have ever made. My eldest child loves reading them and my youngest one points to the pages and asks what the Merry Munks are doing. The illustrations are very attractive and eye catching and the shiny glossy covers help keep them clean from sticky little fingers. I hope there will be more of these books in the series very soon as my children can’t wait to get some more.

The Merry Munks:  Tony and the Unfamiliar Food!

By Barbara on December 9, 2014

Format: Paperback
This was an entertaining children’s book. Mom’s will like the encouraging message in the story. I would recommend this book.

Format: Paperback
What a wonderful well written book Would recommend it as a Christmas gift Well done .

By Rose Molloy on November 27, 2014

Format: Paperback
Absolutely loved this book. A great buy for children


The Merry Munks Chipmunks

The Merry Munks Chipmunks

The Merry Munks Chipmunks are based on real chipmunks which are found along the west coast of the United States and Canada.  Specifically, “Townsend’s Chipmunk,” or Tamias townsendii.  The characters have stripes and markings which attempt to resemble actual chipmunk patterns.

If you’re in the Portland area, keep an eye out for the Merry Munks Chipmunks Mini-bookmobile and our billboards!

The Merry Munks Chipmunks Mini!
The Merry Munks Chipmunks Mini!
The Merry Munks Chipmunks Billboard on N. Weidler St., Portland
The Merry Munks Chipmunks Billboard on N. Weidler St., Portland

A manufacturing engineer by trade, H.D. Hender has been working on The Merry Munks Chipmunks series since 2012.  She and her husband live in Portland, Oregon, in an area endowed with an abundance of chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, bunnies, mice, and other small furry beings.  Her hobbies include aviation, cooking, and, of course, illustration.  Causes she supports include animal welfare, and helping those affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

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